Chinese Auto Makers Creating Jobs in North America

In contrast to the usual dribble about Chinese companies taking away good-paying jobs from hard-working North American workers, this piece corrects some basic misperceptions about the changing landscape.

Chinese industry is evolving from a user of foreign capital to an exporter of capital not only to the developing world but also to developed countries and even to industrial heartlands in North America.  Public perceptions should gradually improve as more Chinese industrial companies position their manufacturing plants this side of the Pacific.    On the other hand, if they fail to handle sometimes difficult labour relations well, do some damage to the environment, engage in certain shenanigans, or are too successful and grab big chunks of the market, perceptions and opinions can quickly turn for the worse.

The best strategy for Chinese companies, especially in the early phases, is to maintain a low profile, hunker down, and manage their operations well, and eventually surpass their native counterparts in efficiency and quality.


Seeking to build trust and establish themselves as credible mainstream suppliers, firms like SAIC Motor Corp., Changan Automotive, and Sichuan Bohong Industry have quietly set up manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario.




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